Registration opening on May 1st 2021!

BATS is happy to announce this year’s new and exciting program!
We are inviting you to join us for an Applied Theatre training that will take place through an experiential learning journey in the Baltics between July and October 2021. In this journey, we will reflect on how we deal with loss and embrace new beginnings. 
In joining this training, you will be a part of a space and a group where you
  • learn applied theatre methods to create various artistic expressions related to personal and social change
  • develop your skills as a collaborative, creative and socially engaged artist
  • build a network of diverse practitioners from the three Baltic countries
  • relax your mind and body within a supportive environment to reflect on the changes that happened personally and socially
  • go on a playful journey to experience the power of art in enabling reflection and expression
This training is open to emerging and established practitioners with a background in theatre, education, activism, or social change.
A detailed program will be posted on April 19