Theatre Project in Communities

BATS supports and mentors students to develop a weekly theatre project in a community to implement their newly gained knowledge into practice. In groups of 4, students will invite community members to participate in a weekly project and a creative process about a topic that matters to the group. In the end of the six month long project the group will present a performance in public.

The project is divided in three phases with five sessions in each phase. 

1st Phase / Workshops 1 to 5: the group is formed, creation of a safe space, getting to know each other, finding the topic that challenges and matters

2nd Phase / Workshops 6 to 10: detecting the core theme, artistic input and experiments, telling stories, selecting material, discussion and debate in the group

3rd Phase / Workshops 11 to 15: production and creation of a performance from collective creativity and vision. The form of the product is flexible: it can be a book, an audio guide, an interactive walk, a performance, an installation, etc.

Kristina Werner is a theatre maker and creative arts facilitator in education and community settings working in the UK, Czech Republic, Lithuania and Germany. She directed Žalia Pievelė, a documentary theatre production about the closure of Ignalina Atomic Power Plant, shown in the National Drama Theatre Lithuania. In 2015, she graduated from the MA Applied Theatre in London. Over the past ten years, she has worked in projects with young people with learning disabilities, intercultural groups, old people in care homes and with refugees.