On 14th of December 2019, the international Baltic Applied Theatre School (BATS) will open with its first workshop in Vilnius to bring theatre professionals and educators together for a 1-year training course of Applied theatre.
BATS organisers, art agency Artscape (LITHUANIA), Vabalava (Estonia) and
Foundation Initium (Latvia) are inviting participants to register now, as the work is done in small groups and the number of participants is limited.
Baltic Applied Theatre School (BATS) – a project to introduce theatre professionals with the latest trends, methods, and instruments of Applied Theatre. According to Aistė Ulubey, project manager at Artscape, there was no educational programme of this scale that united theatre professionals from the three Baltic countries. This is a great example of how independent theatre organisations are cooperating in order to train theatre professionals to facilitate artistic processes in community settings. Courses are going to be facilitated by lecturers from Germany, UK, Lebanon, and USA.
BATS in Lithuania will take place from December 2019 to July 2020. Enrolment fee for the school is 150 Euro, participants will be paid for working sessions in communities. Further information for participants and registration – by email to
For more information on the school, visit and