Creating in Collaboration

In this workshop we will explore how to make theatre collaboartively, with a particular focus on creating work in communities where people have not had much experienec of working through the arts.

The workshop will include

  • Building ideas from small beginnings: How to use theatre games and exercises to provide a starting point and a possible structure for a piece of work, in a way that allows the participnats to provide the content.
  • The role of the artist.  Are you a facilitator, a teacher, a director, a dramaturge?  What happens to your role as an artist when you work in the community?
  • The personal and the political: working with challenging issues or complex historical narratives how can we pay attention both to the personal experiences of everyone in the room, and the wider historical, political context?
  • What do we feel interested in and passionate about, and how do we bring this into conversation with what the community we will work with care about?
  • The life of a project.  How to plan a project in a way that attends to both the experience and needs of the group, and the needs and disciplines of the art we are making.

Sue Mayo is a theatre maker, facilitator and researcher. She works across art forms, often in collaboration with other artists, and specialise in participatory and collaborative work. She has recently worked with Ovalhouse, Royal Albert Hall, South Bank Centre, Magic Me, Mulberry School for Girls & Sydenham Garden. She is currently working with Paula Varjack on ‘The Baby Question’ and The Academy of St Martin in the Fields on Serenade. She lectures at Goldsmith’s, University of London, where she convenes the MA in Applied Theatre.