>Theatrical Mixing Board< Leading Principles

The ‘Theatrical Mixing Board’ is a shared reference system that opens up a shared play and experiment space and makes full transparency possible – which is the basis for overcoming imbalanced power structures. With the help of various “creativity containers” and the principles of democratic leadership, everyone can find their own individual way of accessing the Theatrical Mixing Board and its innumerable possibilities of innovative creation. Working with the Board means reflecting upon and practicing democracy, strengthening and developing your true self and your individual potential, and experiencing the power of working in cooperation instead of in competition.

In this workshop, we will deal with the topic of Europe and democracy, both on the content level and through the working process itself. Because exploring the Theatrical Mixing Board always means experiencing democracy from the ground up. The question of how we want to live together in the future is thus negotiated both on the content level and through personal experiences with the concept itself.

Tara Hawk is a theater educator, translator and teacher (2008 – 2019). She is a well versed educator with over 15 years of experience working with both adolescents and adults in various projects as a teacher and trainer for team building, intercultural and language exchange, political history and anti-racist education. Since 2014 Hawk has realized successful theater projects with her own high school students using Maike Plath’s Theatrical Mixing Board.