Baltic Applied Theatre School offers a vocational training course  for theatre educators and artists in all three Baltic countries. Under the guidance of well known international applied theatre practitioners, this programme addresses the political, theoretical and ethical issues of applied theatre, and explores the ways in which theatre and performance are created by diverse groups of people. It´s a platform to learn about the dynamic and ever-changing field of applied theatre: an umbrella term for a range of performance forms concerned with personal and social change. 

Practical Workshops

In the beginning we will look at the roots of Applied Theatre in Education, Social and Political Change, and in Community. Classes include workshop with Nazha Harb from Lebanon on her use of Drama in Prisons, inter-generational arts practice and collaborative exercises and games with Sue Mayo from Goldsmiths College London, and the use of an open-knowledge approach for exploring how democratic leadership is key for embracing the challenges of diversity as true potential for creativity with Tara Hawk from ACT e.V. Berlin. Throughout the pro-gramme students are also en-gaged in skills-sharing sessions in order to pool their knowledge and expertise.

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This contextual strand enables us to consider the thinking behind our embodied knowledge. Through a series of webinars, we consider: the development of applied theatre methods from political theatre; drama and theatre-in-education; community theatre; prison theatre; therapeutic creative practices and the legacy of Augusto Boal.

Theatre Project in Community 

The convenor, Kristina Werner, supports and mentors students to develop a theatre project in a community. On this project students further the skills they have practiced on the programme, whilst dealing with the challenges of a professional context. Commu-nities are groups of multiethnic backgrounds in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

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Where and when 

The programme will take place in Vilnius, Riga and Tallinn / Tartu between January and July 2020.

For whom 

It is aimed at newly-emerging practitioners with a back-ground in theatre, education, activism and social change, as well as at more established practitioners who want to reflect, refresh and develop their skills.


The programme is structured so that practice and theory constantly respond to one another through practical classes and seminars. You will work with and learn from tutors who are practising artists in a variety of performance, community and social settings. You will undertake a theatre project in a community, where you’ll work with your colleagues and be mentored by an experienced practitioner.


Programme dates for Vilnius, Riga and Tallinn


The Baltic Applied Theatre School has two points of assessment at the end of the programme:

– a 6,000 word reflective essay on the theatre project

– a 10 minute reflective presentation on the theatre project

Entry Requirements

We accept a wide range of qualifications and backgrounds.

The programme is held in English. If English isn’t your first language, you will need to specify your degree of knowledge.


Enrolement fee: 150€


Contact us if you are eligible for a scholarship: giedre@artscape.lt